Geez Louize

It’s been a while

So I bid farewell to Vietnam. I spent a day ish in Taipei. There will be a post about that soon.

My hope is that I will get back there, but then that’s everywhere I leave friends and blood.

However, for now I am in Couer D’Alene, Idaho. Staying with family. I’m currently writing this from a sweet little coffee shop in Spokane called Spaceman Coffee. It’s got a retro spaceman theme which is a direct line into my heart. The attendent called it a hole in the wall.

I’ve been putting in the word count on Project Bastion, but my real progress is still in the preliminary notes and background. The outlining is slowing down, but the second half doldrums must be conquered!

I only have so much time to tap this out. My parking is pricey and downtown Spokane takes a weird amount of time to cross for how small it is. Also, I don’t have wifi. You’d think I’d be a bit more consistent about doing posts when I have it. I think part of the nature of writing is that it’s a lot easier when there’s no one to talk to. When I have wifi, I have people to talk to and it makes curling in a corner and typing like a hunch monster less interesting.

The strange thing is how little I have to say about Spokane. It’s an interesting city, and the downtown era is filled with that architecture that old Western cities have. Modern enough for steam heat but still firmly rooted in colonial look. Smashed between boring bank ‘scrapers and baffling modern art sculptures. Also, the place is somehow drearier than Seattle. It’s been raining for four days straight. I wandered into a couple of clothing stores and found a Ramones T-shirt for $80 on sale. It made every punk bone in my body scream in rage.

I miss the sun and the sea.

I’ve mentioned before checking out working on a ship of some sort. It’s difficult because I’m a country boy from a landlocked state and while I am a quick study that is willing to learn, I don’t even know where good places to go are.

Maybe I should just head south and stop when I see a nice place.

I’m in the Northwest corner of the country right now, which is fine, I like it here, but I’m a long way from everywhere but the West Coast. I love the West Coast, but I’m looking for exploration now, not comfort.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned interest in Law School before here, but it has been doubly recommended and I’m thinking about it. Plus I’ve been on a She-Hulk kick over in the comics section of my life so lawyer drama is forefront. A whole lot of cool people got training as lawyers before leveraging that in other places. Also, getting an additional qualification apart from the classic “BA in English” is attractive.

Anyway, I’m back to the streets, I’ve got boots to wear out. I’ll have more pictures and actual thoughts for you later. I spent a few minutes lurking around the Spokesman Review here and reminded myself of how cool it would be to be a journalist if the field weren’t in the final sweating stages of zombification before death.

Stay sharp, stay dry, strop regularly. The cutting has just begun.

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