Hi, I’m Wheeler!

I’m an internet art person with a lot of experience doing things for other people that I can’t talk about. I’ve worked in a wide variety of industries but am currently learning web development while supporting myself through small jobs and bartending. If you have a job that involves fewer nights and less foot fatigue, then I would love to hear about it!

I like to talk about the usual geek things, but I also have an English degree so I like to talk about stuffy old books too. When I earned that degree, while my focus was 19th century American literature, I specialized in Technical Writing and TESOL with a history minor. I spent time in the engineering, journalism, music composition, and French programs, and retained a lot of information from those wildly different fields.

If you are looking for art, I do copy-writing, editing, technical advice for standardized forms, illustration, photography, web design, music recording, music composition, you name it I can probably figure out how to do it well and quickly.

email me: wheeleyme at gmail.com or contact me below!

Thanks for stopping by, I like you already.