So I’m been at a loss as to what to put here lately. I’ve been taking it easy mostly, trying to find the next move.

I misjudged Spokane, and I kinda feel bad about it. The last time I wrote you was the same day that a panning of the entire city by some guy from the UK newspaper The Guardian made the front page of the Spokesman Review. So I feel kinda bad about not finding anything interesting to say about it.

That evening at a place called Boots Bakery and Cafe, I had a great conversation with a lady about fisheries and the state of salmon in the region. That conversation turned into one of those life, the universe, and everything conversations. It was a good evening.

I also returned to Boots the next day to watch a poetry reading event. It was kind of an open mic that had slam poetry and prose read out loud. I liked it a lot, but I was really struck by how negative it was. Maybe it’s just a sign of the Times that even poets can’t stick their head in warm sand these days. Poet communities always seem to be a strange mix of people that would rather be working by themselves and people who use it as another social community club. I do appreciate their openness though. The readers ranged from gender queer college students to old ladies to middle aged guys from off the street to guys who I theorize were local professionals. We all seek solace somewhere I suppose.

Question: Is it normal to fall a little in love with every barista with a great smile and a killer mocha?

Anyway, I’m learning that there is a reason that the Northwest is famed for its coffee. It’s much more a part of the culture here than the Southwest. Suits me fine, and after the perpetual excellence of Vietnamese coffee it’s welcome.

I already feel the suction of home calling me. I may have to make one last trip South to resolve my situation there. I also would like to see friends and family before I find someplace more permanent.

I have two pressures, the call of the road and the call of responsibility. I want to continue this traveling, but my lack of a clear direction will probably kill that dead. The other option is to pick a city and make a life there. The prime suspects are scattered across the country so maybe I should make shopping the trip.

Ah me, ah life

Anyway shout out to The Vault and Calypsos in Coeur D’Alene for supplying me with typing space and brain fuel for the time I’ve been here. Both are fantastic coffee shops.

Been picking up my art again

My hope is that my continual practice will eventually get me to a point where I’ll be comfortable doing a full blown comic. My inner six year old has been kicking me for not fulfilling my promise to him to make a comic book.

So I’m going to be filling this blog/site with lots of art doodles and little fictions. You know, like the kind in our heads.

I’d give you some music to listen to but honestly I don’t feel like it right now. Just assume there is something bluesy, slow, and fuzzy here.

Just remember, you’ve got faults, but I love you anyway. We’re all rough drafts of the people we’ll be tomorrow.

God speed your way.

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