A word from a coast

Hey, it’s been a bit.

So a lot of changes have happened. A couple of good friends had a wedding. I changed jobs again. Another friend decided to get the hell out of Arizona, as all right thinking folks do eventually.

As for me, I’m currently deciding whether my life is going to happen to the East or the West. I’m in Florida right now, but I’m not sure I like it that much. I’m getting a similar vibe that I did in Tucson, and that’s not exactly a glowing endorsement. Good to see family though.

I’m currently holed up in a coffee shop, deciding whether it’s worth trying to track down a friend to wring a bit more meaning out of one of my few days. It’s a weird coffee shop, very close to a particularly dreaded Christian college, and full of pretty blonde women with enormous weddings rings and dorky looking guys in band shirts and unlabeled ballcaps. I’m slightly offended by a Joel Osteen book with a Shakespeare sticker on it. Fox News is playing on a TV over a book club schedule board. Just a dissonant vibe.

Also, this town may be slow and spread out, but they have some amazing oyster places.

Also, I’ve never been in a coffee shop with so many kids in it.

I’m going to sign off here before I catch the Galloping Kid Plague. Don’t hurt anybody, but stick to your guns.

Ps Why did the buzzcut+earring+chinstrap beard thing never die in the young Christian guy community? Please respond

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