Microblog 1

I can’t decide how to feel about a proposed Tiktok ban. It’s indisputable that this represents a new level of federal control to demand that an application, that is currently not doing anything illegal (not a morality judgement), be censored and banned. On the basis of free speech alone this is completely unconscionable, and makes a mockery of any pretense of laissez-faire economic policy (which is basically just marketing anyway.)

On the other hand, if the established body of the US government wanted to turn the full weight of the younger generations directly against them, I cannot imagine a better way. It would be better PR to ban vaping, or soda.

They have utterly failed to establish a narrative in the greater media that would justify this as anything other than reactionary defensiveness or corporate sponsored lobbying. The narrative that it’s spyware is made a mockery by our own homegrown surveillance applications. The hearings are an absolute joke that paints the proponents as out of touch at least, more likely corrupt and scared. With the stakes being the only social media currently growing.

It’s funny because I could see this being the first real divide between Gen Z and Millennials in their own self narratives. Millennials have spent the last few years playing old people who “just don’t get Tiktok” while still being some of the heaviest users. If it became performatively cool to not care if Tiktok got banned (ahem, Twitter) then that could be a wedge between them and their younger comrades. But such a thing would have to be unintentional right?


Look the tweets have to go somewhere, so that I’m gonna be labeling these little unhinged rants as microblogs like Mr Dorcey intended.

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