The desert is hot and dry. Really hot and dry after being in the Northwest for so long.

Anyway, I’m at a new coffeeshop today. A place called Brews Brothers that has a great vibe. It’s a little trendy-DIY feeling, especially for Southern Arizona, and has a great selection of regional coffees (I get irrationally excited about places with light-roasts and African variants because they are rare around here.) Also other have chairs upholstered with burlap, which is interesting.

Will report back after I’ve tried the homemade stuff.

How’s your spring going? Because half of SE Arizona is on fire. People are getting evacuated and stuff.

Fires are like floods, tornados, and other disasters in that they bring communities together. People find it easier to bond over their lives being threatened than over everyday lives. Or maybe it’s that it’s a lot harder to be judgemental when there’s a FIRE making things like lifestyles unimportant.

Also I really like when coffee shops have instruments and sound systems sitting out. It demonstrates not only an openness towards performance, but also a confidence in their customers. That they won’t bang or otherwise disturb other people, and even if they do, grace will be extended to them.

Also, been reading a book by Nick Offerman  (of Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation fame) called Good Clean Fun. It’s a book full of essays, recipes, a couple comics, but mostly wood working projects. Which is a thing that I have gotten weirdly into these days. Not exactly a portable hobby, but it’s a ton of fun. The book is a blast, and bounces along through a combination of how-tos and why-tos with a real respect for craft and sense of humor. S’good!

The blog has been slowing down lately, but I assure you, I’ll be back with more Vietnam stories as soon as I get rolling again. Right now I’m trying to finalize life adjustments so things are a bit bumpy and chaotic. I’ve put another 500 words into Project Bubba and am reworking the outline for Project Bastion. That happens sometimes, you get a bit into a project and suddenly realize where you were supposed to be going this whole time. I guess it happens pretty much everytime, but I’m always so hopeful that THIS will be the one that goes according to plan. It’s pretty much never true.

Anyway, my allergies are kicking up and making it so that sitting here typing in the outdoor air is almost painful. This will post whenever I get back into WiFi range so it’ll be a little later.

Don’t forget to oil your plumbus!


  1. “Don’t forget to oil your plumbus!”

    Couldn’t live with myself if I did forget. What’s a plumbus? Or maybe that’s part of the mystery and would be cheating to tell? Actually, I just now tried a bing search to find out. Didn’t have time to click on any of the links, but they appear to suggest mystery. And a TV show (we don’t have cable, satellite, or a converter box for our old TV so we don’t see broadcast shows. A blessing, but also blessedly and cluelessly out of touch about a lot of things too)

    (Can’t figure out why this won’t use my facebook icon on my posts here…)


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