311 words on Project Bubba

So you’ll occasionally see posts like this, I’m trying to get better about keeping logs of my writing habits to better analyze my process and yadda yadda.

Currently I have Project Bubba and Project Bastion happening simultaneously on the writing front. Bastion is much further along than Bubba, but they are very different projects so they give each other mental space. There are always the occasional shorts and flash fiction that barge their way in and disrupt my flow so those will go up as they come in. I’m not currently submitting anywhere so you’ll be getting them up to the breath.

I also have this blog, my writing over at Bash Bros, a couple other projects I am keeping secret in order to keep the pressure off of them but they are audio related, and of course the ol’ Instagram (@wheeleymenow) is where I throw my attempts at art typically. You should be seeing most everything popping up here, but I’m hoping to drastically increase my workload as soon as I can establish something like a routine somewhere.

Just an update for anyone following along. I’m working my way towards being productive again.

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