NOTICE I wrote this this morning and it appears it did not upload. Here it is, but I am no longer in Portland. I’ll have an update tomorrow.  
   I write this to you way too early in the morning and so I hope to be brief.

It’s a rainy morning in Portland Oregon. One of those Saturday mornings that you can’t imagine getting up early and mowing the lawn. The sky says “Right now is for regrets and hangovers.”

You may be thinking “Well Wheeler, if you’re hungover, of course the morning sucks!” Well, I’m not. Last night, I went to Powell’s. It’s a new/used bookstore that covers an entire city block. It’s awesome and open till 11 pm. Me and other weirdos like me, who would rather spend Friday night pouring over old books than in one of Portland’s many fine night establishments, can spend our normal waking hours finding the weird and obscure in our unnecessarily warm coats.

I like it here. Probably too much to ever actually get to spend any time here, but I do like it.

I have to leave before my parking expires and the mighty, all-seeing meter maids pass judgement. But if you ever find yourself on the corner of 18th Ave and Gilson st. in the Alphabet district of Portland, Oregon, remember that World Cup Coffee & Tea has a delicious Americano. You can tell them I sent you, but they’ll have no idea who I am.

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