I like walking.


It gives you more perspective about a place, it orients you, it gets the magnetic mojo aligned, or something. To be frank, it also speaks to my stingy nature.

I’ve been walking a lot, I walked to a street filled with luthiers today. They had lots of really nice guitars for ridiculously low amounts of money. I may have to get one before I leave for the states. My guitar lust has been kicking up pretty bad since I couldn’t pack one with me.

I started this post in my trusty notebook while sitting here

Drinking this

It’s called Cookie Milk Coffee. It’s sweeter than it looks but the coffee cuts through the chocolate like a black suited bouncer in a nursery.
Jeez, can you tell I’ve been reading a lot of noir lately?

Right now I’m reading Sandman Slim by Richard Kadrey, it’s gritty noir with the urban fantasy stuff.

Sandman Slim

S’good, I’ll do a review later. Trying to do more of those.

Additionally, the last two families I’ve stayed with have been hooked on the show Vampire Diaries, which I didn’t realize features one of my favorite TV writers (Jose Molina) and is surprisingly engaging. More than once I’ve been going about my business and found myself staring absently at the TV while People-Obviously-in-their-mid-20s-playing-high-school-seniors glower at each other and generally angst about being a variety of powerful, immortal creatures while teenaged. If that sounds alright to you, s’good, what I’ve seen of it.

That slots in well with the reading come to think of it. 

I like to think that magic is something that is arrived at through shared experiences of emotion. Traditional stage magic creates a sense of wonder and surprise in a whole group of people at once. It feels great. Disneyland creates its Magic(R) through a sincere buildup of a shared iconography in their movies that allows massive groups of people to simultaneously engage in positive emotions in a meticulously controlled space. Leading to standing in a crowd of thousands, crying my eyes out to friggin fireworks, because “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes” is being played over them.

I don’t even like that song.

Shared experiences are something that is undervalued in a society where everyone has their own tablet feeding them a tailored stream of art and advertising (said the guy with his headphones in, typing away in the corner). Weirdly, having a television show on, doesn’t matter what it is, centralizes everyone attention in a way. It creates a common experience in the midst of disparate ones. Everyone can comment on it, and no matter what the conversation is, there’s a way to get a comfortable silence. An imperfect solution, and an unconscious one probably, but it is interesting that this is so common.

People have been griping about shattered attention in groups since someone had the great idea to paint the cave walls and Og wouldn’t stop staring at the mammoth while Ik was trying to talk to him.

Anyway, that’s probably enough gothness from me for today. Here’s some music for you.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club “Love Burns” – I’m gonna be recommending these guys a lot. They’re one of my favorites.

Waylon Jennings “I’m a Ramblin’ Man”– Hardly needs introduction, but it’s been in my head a lot lately.

Chvrches “The Mother We Share” – Is…is this pop? S’good! Came up on my recommendations and I like it!

My aunt makes a damn good slab of brisket.

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